Monday, 16 July 2007

Dubious doorstep collections

Houses in our area have been receiving blue plastic collection bags from an organisation called "Helping Arms", asking for clothing, toiletries, toys and so forth. They describe themselves as "A collecting company which proved people in need in Eastern Europe and African countries with affordable clothes..." etc.

They quote a company number – but NOT a charity number. This is a commercial enterprise, not a charity. The goods are sold for private profit.

We’ve spoken to Trading Standards about it. This particular collection is legal because it doesn’t pretend to be a charity, but a lot of people still assume that it is.

Our advice is – if you don’t know the charity name, wait for a genuine charity collection or donate good quality items to one of our many local charity shops.

Contact Paul Hulbert or Mandy Sainsbury for further information or to check out particular collections.

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