Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Cotswold Way and Kennedy Way consultation - reminder (updated)

Don't forget, South Gloucestershire's display is next Tuesday (17 July) in the Drama Hall at Chipping Sodbury School from 4 pm to 8 pm.

This also affects Kennedy Way, so if for example you live off Heron Way this could well affect YOU.

The idea of the scheme is to reduce the number of injury accidents. The proposals include:-

  • Reducing two traffic lanes to one for part of Cotswold Road
  • Reducing the speed limit from 50mph to 40mph
  • Introducing cycle lanes
  • Introducing marked parking bays
  • Installing two vehicle activated speed warning signs (similar to those in Shire Way)
Details are on the South Glos consultations web page - look down the list for "A432 Cotswold Road/Kennedy Way Scheme".

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  1. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Yet another (fatal this time) accident on Kennedy/Cotswold Way last week - what does it take to make the Council listen to local residents and get a single carriageway there, with properly enforced low speed limits.