Monday, 4 June 2007

Yet another phone mast for Rodford Way?

An artist's impression of the proposed mast at Harescombe,
viewed from the other side of Rodford Way

Mobile phone company “3” want to put up a phone mast on Rodford Way on the corner of Harescombe – i.e. just across Shire Way from the O2 mast that went up last summer.

South Glos have sent letters to the nearest houses, but the letters weren't very informative. This is a sketch map of the proposed site:

So why another mast site? Here is the background:

  • 3” wanted to put a mast on Scott Way, in front of Merlin Way
  • South Glos turned them down, so “3” appealed to the government inspector
  • The appeal decision hasn’t been announced yet, but “3” want the Rodford Way site in case they lose the Scott Way appeal
  • 3” want to put up a mast the same height as O2’s, but they say it will be slimmer
What do you think about this site? Please email us:
Mandy Sainsbury on
or Paul Hulbert on

You can find out more about the application from the South Glos website by clicking here

If you want to comment on the “3” mast application, you can write to:
Planning Dept, Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood, South Gloucestershire BS15 9TR
quoting Planning Reference PK07/1623/PN1.

Or you can comment to South Glos online by clicking here

Comments need to be in by 13 June – next Wednesday – so you haven’t got long!

Why can’t the mast just be turned down?

Phone masts don’t need normal planning permission, so it’s very difficult for South Glos to stop them. The mobile phone companies have a lot of legal powers to put masts up (granted by the 1980s Conservative government). Steve Webb MP and his colleagues have been trying to get the law changed, but each time they’ve been blocked by the current Labour government. You can support Steve’s campaign by signing the petition on his website at

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