Saturday, 30 June 2007

Double accident on Goose Green Way

There was a major "double accident" on Goose Green Way yesterday evening at about 10.30 pm. A car travelling from the direction of the Shopping Centre collided with the first set of
pedestrian traffic lights and demolished one of them.

It then carried on and collided with a lamp post near the Gravel Hill Rd pedestrian crossing, bringing down the lamp post. The car ended up on its roof, but the driver climbed out and ran off. Two other cars coming behind then collided with the demolished lamp post.

It's suggested that the first driver may have been doing close to 100 mph, but of course speeds can be deceptive. The police were on the scene very quickly.

A speed camera van on Goose Green Way recently

Friday, 29 June 2007

"Phone Mast Alley" plan hits front page

The Rodford Way / Harescombe mobile phone mast plan by "3" his the local front page this week when it was the lead story in the Gazette - read the story here.

The mobile phone company says that they don't intend to build both on this site and on the Scott Way one. However if planning permission is granted for this one, nothing will stop another company erecting a mast there even if "3" don't.

We await South Glos Council's decision with interest. Watch this space...

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Barnhill Quarry, Supermarket and Houses - update

The supermarket is proposed to go where the
car park is now, with parking underneath.

If you haven't been to see the developers' exhibition yet, it's worth going. Their investigations have moved on a lot, but their ideas are really still at outline stage.

The road access would be from the roundabout at the junction of Wickwar Road with St John's Way. There MAY also be a road right through, coming out at Quarry Road. That would mean rebuilding that little bridge next to Jubilee Park, near the entrance to Ridge Woods. The cement works will be going.

This possible road access is going to one of the big questions. As it's only the supermarket and about 250 dwellings - about the size of one of the roads in south Yate - do they really need a second access? Or would it be a good way of taking traffic out of Chipping Sodbury High Street?

Please visit the exhibition tomorrow - Thu 28 June 3.00-8.00 pm in the Old Grammar School, High Street.

You can let Linda Boon ( or Sheila Mead ( know what you think about the development plans - email them direct, or follow the link "Contact your local Focus Team" on the right for an email form.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Are you on Facebook?

As one way of keeping in touch with local people, Steve Webb MP is on Facebook, the social networking site.

If you're already signed up with Facebook you can see Steve's profile or join the Northavon Residents group.

Cotswold Road consultation

South Gloucestershire's proposals for this fast dual carriageway in response to the residents' petition are being presented in the Drama Hall at Chipping Sodbury School on Tuesday 17 July from 4 pm to 8 pm.

  • Cutting the road to a single carriageway?
  • Reducing the speed limit to 40 mph?
  • Flashing speed signs?
  • Introducing some parking bays to slow traffic?
  • A cycle lane?
  • Reintroducing the right turn from Heron Way?

Come along and have YOUR say.

The Quarry, Supermarket and Houses

The developers' proposals for building a supermarket and new homes on Chipping Sodbury's Barnhill Quarry land near Wickwar Road car park will be on show this week:

Wed 27 June 4.00-7.30 pm in the Town Hall

Thu 28 June 3.00-8.00 pm in the Old Grammar School, High Street

This is your chance to make your own mind up and tell the developers whether you're in favour or against their ideas.

The Ridge Woods / Quarry Road end of the site

Well done to Chipping Sodbury Festival organisers

Well done to everyone who helped organise the Chipping Sodbury Festival.

Here are just a few photos of the final weekend:

Raysfield School's float in the parade
(Photo by Mandy Sainsbury)

The Pipe Band
(Photo by Mandy Sainsbury)

The 25 mile Bike Ride set off
(Photo by Paul Hulbert)

Some of the riders in the ten mile Family Bike Ride seem a little more relaxed
(Photo by John Davis)

The Wildlife Trust duck race - no, they don't go any faster if you shout at them!
(Photo by Paul Hulbert)

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Rodford Way / Harescombe mast proposal - consultation has closed

Time's up for sending in comments about the proposed mobile phone mast at Rodford Way / Harescombe. You can see the comments here on the South Glos website. Scroll down and click on individual submissions to see the actual emails or letters.

Most people talked about the look of the mast, how close it is to the existing one, and their concerns about possible health implications. Dodington Parish Council and Yate Town Council have both objected strongly, trying to pick "3"'s application apart in terms of the planning legislation.

We now have to see what South Glos Planning Dept make of the comments, all of which were against the mast. Will they be brave enough to refuse the site, and risk another government enquiry?

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Chipping Sodbury Festival 2007 cycle rides, Sunday 17 June

The Chipping Sodbury Festival Cycle Rides on Sunday 17 June are part of Bike Week 2007.

There is a choice of two rides, 10 miles for families (with the usual quiz and prizes), and 25 miles for those who want something a little more challenging.

Both rides will explore the countryside around Chipping Sodbury.

The events will start from Chipping Sodbury Clock Tower. The 25 mile ride will set off at 10.30 am, and the 10 mile ride will begin at 12.30 pm. Both rides will finish in Jubilee Park by about 2pm – just in time for the Festival boules match (equipment provided) and the Avon Wildlife Trust duck race!

More details are available on, by telephoning Paul Hulbert on 07771 562505 or Granville Olive on 01454 317461, or by emailing It helps if you contact us so that we can register you in advance.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Yet another phone mast for Rodford Way?

An artist's impression of the proposed mast at Harescombe,
viewed from the other side of Rodford Way

Mobile phone company “3” want to put up a phone mast on Rodford Way on the corner of Harescombe – i.e. just across Shire Way from the O2 mast that went up last summer.

South Glos have sent letters to the nearest houses, but the letters weren't very informative. This is a sketch map of the proposed site:

So why another mast site? Here is the background:

  • 3” wanted to put a mast on Scott Way, in front of Merlin Way
  • South Glos turned them down, so “3” appealed to the government inspector
  • The appeal decision hasn’t been announced yet, but “3” want the Rodford Way site in case they lose the Scott Way appeal
  • 3” want to put up a mast the same height as O2’s, but they say it will be slimmer
What do you think about this site? Please email us:
Mandy Sainsbury on
or Paul Hulbert on

You can find out more about the application from the South Glos website by clicking here

If you want to comment on the “3” mast application, you can write to:
Planning Dept, Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood, South Gloucestershire BS15 9TR
quoting Planning Reference PK07/1623/PN1.

Or you can comment to South Glos online by clicking here

Comments need to be in by 13 June – next Wednesday – so you haven’t got long!

Why can’t the mast just be turned down?

Phone masts don’t need normal planning permission, so it’s very difficult for South Glos to stop them. The mobile phone companies have a lot of legal powers to put masts up (granted by the 1980s Conservative government). Steve Webb MP and his colleagues have been trying to get the law changed, but each time they’ve been blocked by the current Labour government. You can support Steve’s campaign by signing the petition on his website at

Back in contact!

The Woodchester / Blaisdon phone box was under threat of being removed a while ago because it's little used, but we persuaded BT to let it stay as an emergency call facility. It often gets vandalised, usually the handset, but BT refuse to put in a metal handset instead of plastic.

Anyway, in February it got comprehensively trashed, as you can see:

BT then stripped all the equipment out. When Paul Hulbert rang them they said they were removing the box completely, but he reminded them of their "public service" promise and they've now reinstated the box:

Still a plastic handset... But at least it's there.

By the way, if your local phone box is faulty or damaged, please note the number (usually written up on the notice inside) and ring BT on 0800 661610 with details. They're very helpful people and will arrange the repairs for you, though we once had a conversation that went like this:

"Hello, I'd like to report a phone box out of action please...."
"Yes sir, is it the number you're calling from?"