Friday, 25 May 2007

Lib Dems win vital delayed election (more details now added)

The Liberal Democrat Focus Team has won both seats in the delayed election in Frampton Cotterell. Dave and Pat Hockey were re-elected with a substantial majority. This election is important to our area because it affects the way South Glos will be run for the next four years.

The result means that no party has an overall majority on South Glos - the Conservatives have 34 councillors, the Lib Dems now have 27 and Labour have 9.

The actual South Glos results were:
Ray Bazeley - Labour - 162
John Farbrother - Conservative - 1179
Dave Hockey - Lib Dem - 1624 ELECTED
Pat Hockey - Lib Dem - 1546 ELECTED
Sarah Jane Kitching - Conservative - 1165
Terry Trollop - Labour - 225

There was considerable local interest in the election, reflected in a 54% turnout.

The Hockeys also came top in the Parish Council Central Ward election:
Pat Bashford - Conservative - 339 ELECTED
John Farbrother - Conservative - 432 ELECTED
Dave Hockey - Lib Dem - 644 ELECTED
Pat Hockey - Lib Dem - 626 ELECTED
Robin King - Labour - 232
Sarah Jane Kitching - Conservative - 389 ELECTED

Click here for the BBC website story.

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