Friday, 4 May 2007

Election results summary

Locally the elections were very successful for the Lib Dems. All our local Lib Dem candidates in Yate, Dodington and Sodbury were elected, both at South Glos level and for Town or Parish Councils.

That's South Glos = 9 councillors
Yate = 17 councillors
Dodington = 12 councillors
Sodbury = 3 councillors

The more detailed results are given in other entries further down this blog.

Congratulations to all involved, and a big Thank You to everyone who helped us - delivering, knocking on doors, standing at polling stations or just ringing us up with ideas and concerns. And not least, thank you for voting for us.

Wider afield, on South Glos Council as a whole, the Conservatives are now the largest single party with 34 seats, Lib Dems have 25 and Labour 9. However there are two seats at Frampton Cotterell where the election was delayed due to the unfortunate death of a candidate. This means that if the Lib Dems retain these seats there could once again be a hung situation, with possibly a shared administration.

The new political map of South Glos, and links to the other South Glos ward results, are available from this web page

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