Friday, 25 May 2007

Lib Dems win vital delayed election (more details now added)

The Liberal Democrat Focus Team has won both seats in the delayed election in Frampton Cotterell. Dave and Pat Hockey were re-elected with a substantial majority. This election is important to our area because it affects the way South Glos will be run for the next four years.

The result means that no party has an overall majority on South Glos - the Conservatives have 34 councillors, the Lib Dems now have 27 and Labour have 9.

The actual South Glos results were:
Ray Bazeley - Labour - 162
John Farbrother - Conservative - 1179
Dave Hockey - Lib Dem - 1624 ELECTED
Pat Hockey - Lib Dem - 1546 ELECTED
Sarah Jane Kitching - Conservative - 1165
Terry Trollop - Labour - 225

There was considerable local interest in the election, reflected in a 54% turnout.

The Hockeys also came top in the Parish Council Central Ward election:
Pat Bashford - Conservative - 339 ELECTED
John Farbrother - Conservative - 432 ELECTED
Dave Hockey - Lib Dem - 644 ELECTED
Pat Hockey - Lib Dem - 626 ELECTED
Robin King - Labour - 232
Sarah Jane Kitching - Conservative - 389 ELECTED

Click here for the BBC website story.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Sodbury Supermarket - public exhibition coming up

The proposal for a Waitrose supermarket and 300 homes on quarry land next to the Wickwar Rd car park has moved a step closer with the announcement of a public exhibition:

Wednesday June 27 4.00 pm - 7.30 pm, Chipping Sodbury Town Hall; and
Thursday June 28 3.00 pm - 8.00 pm, Old Grammar School

The developers aim to get a lot of feedback from local people before they produce a final plan and apply for planning permission.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Scott Way mast - last chance to object

It's your last chance to object to the proposed mast - closing day is Monday. Click on the link in the right-hand column for the "official" ways of doing it - they're a bit long-winded - or send a quick email to

Cut and paste these details into your email -

Appeal Reference APP/P0119/A/07/2041713
Appeal by: Hutchison 3G UK Ltd
Appeal Site: Land off Scott Way, Yate, BRISTOL BS37 4EX

State your name and address
Say 'I am against the appeal proposals'
Then give your reasons for objecting

New Yate Health Facility - see the plans, have your say

Mike Drew and Ruth Davis checking out
previous plans at the Health Centre

The plans for the new Yate Health Facility include a minor injury centre, physiotherapy rooms and much more. We will be able to visit outpatients for appointments for many problems that would have meant a visit to Frenchay or Southmead.

Come and see for yourself - there will be senior health staff there to answer questions and find out what YOU think:

Wednesday 6 June 4 pm - 8 pm and
Thursday 7 June 11.30 am - 5.30 pm
at the current Yate Health Centre

Please come along and let them know what you think about the plans.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Public meeting with police - Brimsham Park and "Counties" issues

Wed 16 May - 7.30 pm in the
Band Room at Brimsham Green School
Cllr Chris Willmore has organised this open meeting with the police to dicuss problems of alcohol abuse, under age alcohol sales and serious vandalism - e.g. would an Alcohol Exclusion Zone help? Everyone living in the Brimsham Park and "Counties" roads is welcome. The police have agreed to attend to listen to YOUR views and to seek a way forward.

Beating the Bounds of Yate Common - 13 May

Beating the Bounds is a traditional activity for Rogation Sunday - we walk round the boundaries of the Common ao that local people know what they hold as a community asset. In some places they beat the bounds of an entire parish, or ride round the boundaries of larger parishes.

The Common was nearly sold off for housing some years ago, but a determined campaign by local people (many now in the Focus Team) kept it in public ownership. This gives beating the bounds of the Common a special meaning. Please bring your children to show them what a lovely area we have just on the edge of the town.

We're meeting by the kissing gate opposite St Briavel's Drive at 3pm next Sunday, 13 May. Please come and join us.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Election results summary

Locally the elections were very successful for the Lib Dems. All our local Lib Dem candidates in Yate, Dodington and Sodbury were elected, both at South Glos level and for Town or Parish Councils.

That's South Glos = 9 councillors
Yate = 17 councillors
Dodington = 12 councillors
Sodbury = 3 councillors

The more detailed results are given in other entries further down this blog.

Congratulations to all involved, and a big Thank You to everyone who helped us - delivering, knocking on doors, standing at polling stations or just ringing us up with ideas and concerns. And not least, thank you for voting for us.

Wider afield, on South Glos Council as a whole, the Conservatives are now the largest single party with 34 seats, Lib Dems have 25 and Labour 9. However there are two seats at Frampton Cotterell where the election was delayed due to the unfortunate death of a candidate. This means that if the Lib Dems retain these seats there could once again be a hung situation, with possibly a shared administration.

The new political map of South Glos, and links to the other South Glos ward results, are available from this web page

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Yate Town Council election results

YATE CENTRAL - 3 seats

ADAMS Arthur Frank Lib Dem - 695 ELECTED
CHIVERS Michael John Lab - 138
COX Peter Frederick Charles Con - 266
FORD John Paul Lib Dem - 709 ELECTED
WALKER Sue Lib Dem - 801 ELECTED

YATE NORTH - 4 seats

DREW Mike Lib Dem - 1301 ELECTED
PERKS Wully Lib Dem - 1165 ELECTED
ROBBINS Mike Lib Dem - 1261 ELECTED
TESTA Russell Antony Guy Lab - 138
THOMSON Aileen Con - 511
WILLMORE Chris Lib Dem - 1126 ELECTED


CHOWDHRY Mohibul Aziz Lib Dem - 813 ELECTED
DAVIS Tony Lib Dem - 957 ELECTED
MARSHALL Margaret Ann Lib Dem - 954 ELECTED
WATTS Alfred John William Con - 261
WATTS Cynthia Marie Con - 236

YATE SOUTH - 2 seats

LAWRANCE Alan Sidney Lib Dem - 559 ELECTED
TROTTER Cleo Lib Dem - 526 ELECTED
YOUNG Mark William Con - 169

YATE WEST - 5 seats

BLAIR Ian William Johnston Lib Dem - 1131 ELECTED
EVAN-JONES David Lib Dem - 1041 ELECTED
HUGHES Joe Lib Dem - 1026 ELECTED
LANGLEY Kathleen Lab - 219
MCCOY Edward James Lab - 174
MONK Martin William Lib Dem - 1025 ELECTED
SIMS John Francis Lab - 173
WILLIAMS David Penry Con - 325
WILLIAMS Sonia Gertrude Con - 316
YORK Peter Ronald Lab - 175

Sodbury Town Council election results


ALLEN Matthew James Con - 455 ELECTED
GURNEY Caroline Mary Ind - 407
PEMBLE Steve Con - 411 ELECTED
RADMALL Desley Joy Green - 333
ROBINS Paul Stuart Ind - 449 ELECTED
SMITH Paddy Ind - 449 ELECTED
YOUNG Paul William Con - 497 ELECTED


BOON Linda Ann Lib Dem - 450 ELECTED
BROWN Graham Reginald Lab - 184
GALL Melody Anne Con - 480 ELECTED
GALL Roderick Peter Douglas Con - 441 ELECTED
HULME Ann Elizabeth Lib Dem - 421 ELECTED
RUSH Adrian Samuel Lib Dem - 417 ELECTED
WILLIAMS Sonia Gertrude Con - 401

Dodington Parish Council election results


BOON Linda Ann Lib Dem - 631 ELECTED
CLEMENTS Henry Lab - 75
DAVIS John Victor Lib Dem - 588 ELECTED
GALL Melody Anne Con - 311
GALL Roderick Peter Douglas Con - 281
STEPHEN Gloria Elsie Lib Dem - 592 ELECTED
WADE Anthony Michael Con - 308
YOUNG Paul William Con - 314


CARLYLE Josephine Mary Con - 506
CLARK Dan Lib Dem - 737 ELECTED
CROWE Kay Lib Dem - 852 ELECTED
FITT David John Lib Dem - 754 ELECTED
GREGORY Mike Lib Dem - 735 ELECTED
HULBERT Paul Aidan Lib Dem - 790 ELECTED
JOHNSON Derek Lib Dem - 688 ELECTED
PHELPS Cliff Lib Dem - 685 ELECTED
SEWARD Steve Con - 618

South Gloucestershire Council election results (Dodington, Sodbury and Yate)

DODINGTON - 2 seats

CROWE Kay Lib Dem - 1294 ELECTED
LAWRANCE Alan Sidney Lib Dem - 1229 ELECTED
LOVELL Arnold Charles Lab - 112
LOVELL June Ursula Lab - 101
SEWARD Steve Con - 719
WILLIAMs John Victor Con - 665


BOON Linda Ann Lib Dem - 1487 ELECTED
CLEMENTS Henry Lab - 189
GALL Melody Anne Con - 1161
GOATER Norman Thomas Lab - 118
MEAD Sheila Lib Dem - 1404 ELECTED
YOUNG Paul William Con - 1186

YATE CENTRAL - 2 seats

CHIVERS Michael John Lab - 181
DAVIS Ruth Brenda Lib Dem - 1617 ELECTED
SIMS John Francis Lab - 168
WALKER Sue Lib Dem - 1668 ELECTED
WATTS Cynthia Con - 426
WATTS Fred Con - 414

YATE NORTH - 3 seats

BLAIR Ian William J Lib Dem - 2181 ELECTED
DREW Mike Lib Dem - 2323 ELECTED
LANGLEY Kathleen Lab - 254
ROBBINS Mike Lib Dem - 2173 ELECTED
TESTA Russell Antony G Lab - 229
THOMSON Aileen Con - 730
WILLIAMS David Con - 741
WILLIAMS Sonia Gertrude Con - 648
YORK Peter Ronald Lab - 208