Sunday, 29 April 2007

Start local and save the world?

Paul Hulbert and Mike Gregory at Abbotswood
with energy saving light bulbs

Dodington Parish Council has arranged a FREE showing of Al Gore’s film about global warming “An Inconvenient Truth” at St Nicholas Church, Abbotswood, Yate on Saturday 12 May at 7 pm.

The former Vice-President’s award-winning documentary discusses the global problem of climate change and what we as individuals can do to reduce our impact.

Parish Council chairman Mike Gregory said “The environment is a major theme of our work on Dodington Parish Council. If we each do a little bit to ‘walk more gently upon the earth’ we may be able to avoid the consequences of global warming”

Cllr Paul Hulbert, chairman of the council’s Environment Committee, commented “The keys to this issue are local action and raising awareness. The next generation won’t thank us if we just ignore this major problem. We have to do something now to tackle it. We hope to see lots of local people at St Nick’s to start the ball rolling”.

There will also be information available on the night on ways to reduce carbon emissions and become more energy efficient, including an opportunity for people to pledge to take action.

The film is being shown thanks to support from St Nicholas Church, the Thornbury Picture House and South Gloucestershire Council. Tickets are limited, so people are asked to ring Dodington Parish Council on 01454 866546 to make sure of getting seats.


  1. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Will another evening be arranged for the Al Gore film as cannot make 12 May

  2. We'll arrange another evening if there is a lot of call for it - at the moment there are still quite a few spare seats for the 12 May.
    Other places are also having showings - for example Hawkesbury are having a showing in June, but I don't know the exact date.