Sunday, 11 March 2007

Goodbye trees, hello traffic

Here are the results of Network Rail's first few days work at Westerleigh Road. We knew it was going to be pretty drastic, but the reality is always worse than you imagine. That wooded embankment is part-cleared. The pond is full of cut wood - remember how concerned they were about the drainage? Let's hope it doesn't rain until they've cleared it. And they've damaged their fence - you know, the one that's essential to keep the kids off the line.

By the way, we asked them how many trees they're removing. Their answer - they don't know, because they didn't do that sort of survey. They can only tell us what species there are (sorry, were). Mainly hawthorn, plus some ash and apple and one elder.

Meanwhile, the traffic problems have started. There were a few problems while they were building the access road, when this photo was taken, but no doubt there will be more due to all the lorries. The residents of Rodborough are currently concerned about lorries that have been driving into their street and then reversing across the main road, plus contractors' vehicles parking in Rodborough. We've approached Network Rail about the problems - let's see how effective they are.

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