Saturday, 3 February 2007

Speeding - "Kill your speed, not a child"

There's a temporary interactive flashing speed sign on Westerleigh Rd, between the big Rodford Way roundabout and the mini-roundabout next to the railway bridge.

The striking thing this morning was how many of the cars going past were triggering the sign - more than half, at a guess. Maybe people are just confused about speed limits - driving through our area they go 30 - 40 - 30 - 40...

Would it be more sensible to have ONE speed limit (30 mph) in our built-up area, except maybe on dual carriageways? Would this help people observe the speed limits? Please leave a comment with your opinion.

The actual speeds are being logged, so we hope to bring you some information about the figures from Westerleigh Rd in a few weeks. Watch this space.

By the way, although we've blanked out the car numberplate, it's not the car you can see that was speeding - it's the car out of shot behind it!

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