Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Seven in eight break speed limit

Remember this? We guessed that just over half the drivers were breaking the 30 mph speed limit. But we were wrong - it was seven drivers in every eight.

Between the 1st and the 22nd Feb, 71,218 cars went down this part of Westerleigh Rd towards the mini-roundabout.

8659 vehicles obeyed the limit. Fortunately most people didn't break the limit by much. The mean speed was 33 mph, and 93% were doing 40 or less.

But that still means that 7% of vehicles travelled at over 40 mph. And incredibly, on this short piece of 30 mph road, 185 vehicles were doing more than 50 mph. That's eight a day.

Strangely, although there's less traffic on a Sunday there are just as many speeders over 40 mph.

Maybe the mud from the railway and the traffic lights might slow them down for a while...

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