Wednesday, 14 February 2007

"Oh rats!" says councillor, asks Tesco to clean up their act

Local people have complained about waste food being spread from the back of the Tesco Express shop in Brimsham Park, Yate. Out of date food is regularly dumped in open wire containers behind the shop.

"Children are scattering the waste food, the wind is blowing the packaging around, and waste has spread all the way from Brimsham Park to the River Frome at the Rectory Road flood plain" said Cllr Mike Robbins. "I got South Gloucestershire Council's Environmental Health Department to pay Tesco a visit, but Tesco say they won't even clear up the rubbish outside their yard because their insurance doesn't cover them to do it. In fact they claim that it's up to South Glos to pick up anything outside Tesco property".

"Yate Town Council arranged an urgent clear-up of the nearby paths, but a day later there are stale bakery goods and potatoes on the verge again. It's encouraging vermin - if Tesco doesn't do something about it, this health hazard can only get worse. Tesco should provide secure, closed food waste containers and make sure that their staff use them - it's only common sense" said Mike.

The cages contain some stale food as well as packaging

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